Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Which kind of files are allowed to upload?

Fembed is dedicated platform for video websites, so we currently only allow video files. we are supporting almost popular video extensions: mkv, wmv, avi, mp4, mpeg4, mpegps, flv, 3gp, webm, mov, mpg, m4v
Please make sure you not upload ilegal, copyright videos without permission of owner/holder, as they are not allowed

What is maximum and minimum filesize i can upload?

The minimum size is 102,400 bytes (100KB), the maximum is 10,737,418,240 bytes (10GB)

Can i upload adult/porn videos?

As long as they are legal, and allowed by your local law, you can upload them

Do you allow subtitles/captions and custom poster?

Sure, they are basic functions every video hosting service should have. We support them on both dashboard and API

What is bandwidth limitations?

We do not restict bandwidth, you can have your video watched billion times without any issues, if you can

How long do you host my files?

As long as your files are legal, we do not remove them. They are yours, if someone can delete them, it should be you

How to remove ads from embed?

For free service, we put ads on player to cover cost for infrastructure, only one ad per play. If you prefer ad-free player, you can subscribe to our Premium service. More informations please check "Premium" section on your dashboard

Is it safe to use fembed for (non)adult sites

Yes, you can turn on/off adult ads on your dashboard. If you turn it off, we will never shown adult ads. Keep in mind mainstream advertisers will not want to see their ads on adult websites, so if your websites are adult ones, you have to turn on "adult ads" option

Where can I find analytics for my videos?

Analytics and realtime statistics are available on your dashboard and API, daily streaming usage is available for premium members aswell

Do you have the rewards program (eg get paid for views)?

Currently we do not have rewards program, as we use ads only to cover our servers/bandwidth/staff fees.
But you can put your ads on your customized players, please check "Player" section on your dashboard

What happen if my videos receive DMCA/complaint?

Our system filter almost 99% complaints, as they are invalid/fake. For the valid complaints, we will forward to your email, and you have 24hours to take action (eg remove it, prove the permissions...). After that, our staff will follow complaint and take action if necessary